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─ 2023 ─


✯   Parabellum   ✯

4th to 6th of August

Physical at Taylor's Lakeside Campus


Dear Distinguished Delegates and Members of the Board of Dais,

It is no doubt that it is my greatest honour to welcome all of you to our sixth iteration of the annual flagship conference, Taylor’s Lakeside Model United Nations (TLMUN) 2023. This year marks the 6th anniversary of the TLMUN Club and also for TLMUN conferences, thus it is my utmost honour to be able to celebrate this remarkable moment with all of you. Since 2018, the TLMUN Club has begun our effort in offering a fair, safe, and accessible platform for our youths to express their opinions, perspectives and voices, and that oath remains unshakable even now. Let it also be known that the Secretariat of TLMUN will continue keeping our oath, until the dusk of our legacy.   

This year, the Secretariat of TLMUN 2023 would like to present our theme of “Parabellum”, which originated from a Latin phrase for “If you want peace, prepare for war”. The theme contains a shadowy hint of “be prepared”, which on the other hand reflects the current situation faced by all of us in real life, essentially the Industrial Revolution 6.0, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization Era, Climate Change, Globalization, Regional Conflicts and ongoing Pandemics. Consequently, TLMUN strives to spark the spirit of unity and unrelenting among our MUNers, and together no obstacles shall stop us.

I am humbly certain that our delegates and the Dais will assuredly deliver productive and adequate resolutions to solve the provided topics, moreover setting an exemplary standard for our juniors and potential new members in the Model United Nations field. Furthermore, we unquestionably look for more new members to enrol in our MUN profession, and further strengthen our community.

Ladies and gentlemen, hereby, I sincerely invite everyone, to join us on this journey that is filled with unknown variables and unlimited potential. Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum! 

Best Regards, 

Lee Zhong Hern 
Taylor’s Lakeside Model United Nations (TLMUN) 2023     

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