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The Chinese Civil War

「   革命戰爭是群眾的戰爭。」

                            - 毛澤東 ★

1st of August, 1927 - 1927年8月1日

A civil war looms on the horizon! The Chinese Communist Party has launched a full-scale rebellion in Nanchang against the Kuomintang, a direct response to bloody Shanghai Massacre four months ago. The CCP has not forgotten the treachery of the Nationalists and the KMT has not forgotten the defiance of the Communists. With tensions finally breaking into open hostilities between the CCP and KMT in the midst of the Northern Expedition, millions of Chinese must soon take their stand.

As the CCP's Chinese Red Army and the KMT's National Revolutionary Army begin to clash throughout the whole of China, what shall be the fate of the Chinese people? Shall the KMT under Chiang Kai-Shek succeed in establishing the Three Principles of the People across China or shall the CCP under Mao Zedong successfully complete the revolution of the masses? Or shall a potential third force impose its will upon the whole of China? You decide.

Chairman :
To be decided.
Vice Chairman :
To be decided.

First Crisis Director :
To be decided.
Second Crisis Director :
To be decided.

「   革命戰爭之目的,在造成獨立自由之國家。」

                            - 蔣中 ❂

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