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─ TLMUN 2023 ─

4th of August - 6th of August

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Frequently-Asked Questions

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I am not Malaysian. Can I still register for TLMUN 2023?

Absolutely! TLMUN 2023 is a conference is open to all across the world. We welcome international delegates with open arms! 

On what platform will TLMUN 2023 take place?

TLMUN 2023 shall be primarily held physically at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus. The Board of Dais may at time to time establish secondary platforms to support informal discussions and filing documents, such as but not limited to Discord servers.


Seeing that TLMUN 2023 is a physical conference, will there be any arrangements for accommodation?

The Secretariat may assist you in arranging for accommodation*. However, individual delegates will need to bear the costs of accommodation should there be such a request raised to the Secretariat. Nevertheless, if you are staying in one of our pre-designated accommodations**, we will be able to cover your transportation to and from Taylor’s Lakeside Campus to enhance your mobility!

*Tentative and subject to change.
**TLMUN 2023 is n
ot affiliated with any of the pre-designated accommodations, the list is only used for the ease of transportation arrangements..

I have no prior experience in Model UN. Can I still participate in TLMUN 2023?

Yes, you can! TLMUN 2023 is open to both beginners and veterans alike. Whether you are a beginner seeking to take the first steps in learning international diplomacy or an experienced veteran eager to test your mettle, TLMUN 2023 has various and unique councils suited for you.

How do I become a delegate?

Firstly, head over to the “Register” section of the website and click on “Individual Registration”. A registration form would be prompted up. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by us for the confirmation of your registration. Subsequently, you would make your payment. You would then submit a proof of payment to us and upon receiving your allocation, you have officially become a delegate!

Am I allowed to choose my own desired council and country?

Certainly! The registration forms allow for you to choose your desired council and country. However, there is no guarantee that you would be given your desired allocation given potentially high levels of competition. Thus, it is highly advisable to register as soon as possible to have the highest chance of receiving your desired allocation.


What is a Group Delegation?

A “Group Delegation” refers to a group of delegates joining the conference together. They could be a group of students coming from the same institution, a team of delegates from the same club or even a group of friends. In addition, a “Head of Group Delegation” refers to the main representative of their respective group delegation. They are the point of contact for the Secretariat and their constituent delegation members in relation to matters regarding their group delegation.


How do I form a Group Delegation?

In order to form a group delegation, please proceed to the “Register” section of the website and click on “Head of Group Delegation”. Subsequently, please fill up the registration form in its entirety. You will then be contacted and given what is known as a “Group Delegation Code”. In the individual delegate registration form, there is a section also named “Group Delegation Code”. Any registrant who places the given Group Delegation Code under that section during their registration will be assumed to be under the group delegation that you have formed.

*For Head of Group Delegations, please note that the Group Delegation Registration Form does NOT substitute the Individual Delegate Registration Form. You must still register under the Individual Delegate Registration Form, preferably after receiving your Group Delegation Code.


Will I receive any form of certificates for participating?

All delegates will indeed receive a certificate of participation! That being said, they must participate for an adequate amount of committee sessions in order to be eligible for the said certificate. 


In addition, there are awards (such as the 'Best Delegate' and 'Honorable Mentions')! They will be given to exceptional delegates who have shown their skills and capabilities during the conference. These awards will be awarded by the chairs of their respective councils. More information can be found in the Delegate Handbook.

What is Committee Session Zero?

Committee Session Zero is one of the committee sessions for TLMUN 2023, being the only one for the first day of the conference. It serves as a time for the chairs to brief their delegates, whether it be the Rules of Procedures or to ensure that technical difficulties are pre-emptively resolved. 


One significant aspect to note is that Committee Session Zero remains compulsory and will affect a delegate’s eligibility for a certificate of participation (unless a proper reason to provided to the Board of Dais).

How may I access the resources of TLMUN 2023?

The Delegate Handbook, the Technical Guide and your council's Research Report shall be sent to the email you registered with approximately around the onset of July. These resources cannot be accessed publicly (for example, through the website) as these materials are specifically dedicated to our distinguished delegates only, especially you should you join us!

I am unable to pay the registration fee! What should I do?

Please immediately contact us at


My institution/club/conference wishes to form a partnership with TLMUN 2023.

How may this be arranged?

Regarding partnerships, please contact us through Further discussions shall be conducted.


I have other inquiries not mentioned here!

If you have any other inquiries, feel free to contact us through :

@tlmun23 (for General Inquiries) (for General Inquiries) (for Academics-related Inquiries) (for Payment Inquiries) (for Partnership/Sponsorship Inquiries)

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